Pleasant Stay – A Guest House in Chennai that Stands Out

ReceptionAmong the items you get right on top when you Google search for Guest Houses in Chennai, is Pleasant Stay in St.Thomas Mount.

I did my research about this place before deciding to feature it in this blog. I found Pleasant Stay scored highly on almost all the vital parameters associated with guest houses – value, location, sleep quality, room, cleanliness and service. It is ranked # 1 in Trip Advisor among 188 listed guest houses and B & B. What is impressive is that there are 150 comments. I had a look at the feedbacks of those who had experienced this guest house in Chennai.

From Guests with Love – Expressions of Satisfaction.

Here is a sampling of the expressions of satisfaction by some of those who had stayed at Pleasant Stay in the recent times.

I would recommend this place for any family who wants a short or long stay, considering this is the safest place you can be in Chennai.
Hafiz A Haq from Mumbai in Jan 2012

The house and rooms are spotlessly clean, fully modern, air conditioned, internet access, comfortable beds and quiet. George is quite possibly the nicest man in India (and we have been in India for two months)……. A real treat – don’t hesitate to stay here!
Giselle G, Vancouver, Canada in Jan 2012

I am an Architect & was on a business trip to India/Chennai, stayed at Pleasant Stay for more than 4 months. All that I can say…its more than a Guest House, I am sure there is no other place like Pleasant Stay in Chennai. Most convenient location, good architecture, well designed, very well maintained, cozy, plush, homely, service-par excellence…I mean what else do we require for a stay. Stay here is unmatched & comparable to even a star hotel. Mr. George (Guest house owner) is very kind & a noble person committed to his service & treats his guests with good care.
Mac from USA in June 2011

There are several other feedback’s in the same vein speaking about the pleasant experiences they enjoyed in this guest house in Chennai. The over-all rating given by guests who have stayed here is 4.5 out of 5.

Soon after I got an appointment to meet George and see his guest house on the first floor of his home, he gave me three neatly typed sheets describing various aspects of his guest house. I was of course more interested in those soft, underlying and invisible things that made his guests rave about this guest house in Chennai than in the mere statistics concerning Pleasant Stay. So, as a first step to satisfying my curiosity, George took me around his guest house and I was in for many a pleasant surprise.

About 5 very Well Maintained, Clean and Elegant Rooms in Pleasant Stay.Room in Pleasant Stay

Pleasant Stay has 5 elegant rooms of which 2 rooms can serve, if needed, as a two bed-roomed furnished family accommodation with kitchen, hall and attached toilets, ideal for families. What struck me was the cleanliness of the rooms and the simplicity and elegance in the arrangements of furniture and fittings in the rooms. I found his bathrooms particularly nice. There is a glass cubicle serving as the bath area in each of the bathrooms so that they present a dry and clean look at all times. One does not get a feeling of clutter in Pleasant Stay, as there is enough open space in the form of lobbies for guests to move around or relax. I made it a point to look at the linen and bath towels provided for the guests and here again, I felt happy to find them clean and fresh as you would find in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

‘Experiencing’ a Home away from Home at Pleasant Stay.

gardenAs I was shown around, I saw a couple, chatting in a lobby adjoining their room and as soon as they saw George, their faces lit up into a smile and they wished him. I thought to myself that such happy familiarity was surely the result of George’s helpful interactions with them on earlier occasions. No wonder people who have enjoyed his hospitality say that George makes his guests feel at home and that this guest house in Chennai is more like a home away from home. In fact, George told me that he allows his guests the use of his comfortable private drawing room downstairs if they desire this space for a business meeting or for making a presentation.

Also, George does not think too much about dropping his guests at the airport in his Mercedes car even at 1.00 am in the morning, if the need arises.

The Facilities Available at Pleasant Stay Guest House in Chennai.
The facilities that are provided to guests here match those found in more pretentious star category hotels. Here are some of them:
1. The air-conditioned deluxe rooms have adjoining lobbies.
2. A private sit-out landscaped garden in front of the guest house.
3. Unlimited 24 hours internet connection with high speed WIFI broadband. Printer and scanner too are available.
4. TV with set-top box, fridge, microwave, full-fledged kitchen etc.,
5. Western toilets, bath tub and shower cubicle.
6. 24 hours hot and cold water supply.
7. Power back up.
8. Exclusive open terrace
9. Laundry services
10. Changing of bed linen and towels at regular intervals.
11. Arrangement with 5 good restaurants in the vicinity to order food. Each room has a file containing menu cards from these different restaurants.
12. Daily house keeping
13. Fantastic location as Pleasant Stay is just about 4 km from the airport and only 1 km from Kathipara junction.
14. Pick up and drop from air port in a Mercedes car.
15. There is no restriction in check-in or check-out time. It is 24 hours. This helps people who arrive or leave at night.

Morning coffee or tea is complementary and all that the guests need to do is inform in advance when they would like to be served. Many of those who stay in this guest house in Chennai prefer to have their breakfast too from the house kitchen and George is only too happy to oblige them.

How much it costs for the Stay.

Almost everyone who has stayed here and whose feedback’s I have seen agree on one thing – that the stay here is great value for money. I am giving below how much it costs daily to stay in this guest house in Chennai.
1. Furnished accommodation: :Rs.2800 + Service Tax
2. Extra large deluxe suite :Rs.2900 + Service Tax
3. Deluxe suite :Rs.2100 + Service Tax

4. Standard suite: Rs.1500 + Service Tax

For guests who stay for a long duration of a month or more, discounts are offered. Payment by credit card is also possible here. The booking process is simple enough – you send your requirement including the arrival date, you get a response the same day complete with the pictures of the room and toilet you will get to use. Then you send your confirmation and soon enough, you get the confirmation email from Pleasant Stay. Simple – no credit card information or advance payment required. George trusts you.

And now, some Issues to Grapple with.

1) Pleasant Stay does not have an in-house kitchen for its guests. Some may feel, this is a disadvantage while others may relish having different types of food from 5 nearby restaurants as an opportunity to savor their favorite cuisines.
2) George does not have a Man Friday to pamper his guests as he himself does. May be having 5 rooms does not warrant employing an expensive resource – though he told me he is on the look-out for one. Till then, the guests have the privilege of 5 star attention from George himself.
3) Of course, having only 5 rooms means that he can accommodate a maximum number of 10 people at a time. And, there isn’t enough space if you are planning a big office party here.
4) Finally, though this guest house in Chennai is close to the airport, it is some distance away (about 10 km) from Nungambakkam, Egmore or Teynampet which are in the heart of the city.

The Force behind Pleasant Stay Guest House

Once you spend some time in the guest house with the owner, it becomes evident that the quality that is visible on every furniture, fittings and services is an extension of the man behind it all – Gerard George. He has spent more than 25 years in USA, UK and in Middle East as a General Manager in one of the biggest multi-national conglomerates managing a team of more than 2500 people dedicated to service. Therefore, he knows what it means to offer services of International standards that do not stop with offering facilities, but go beyond to offer experiences that would linger in the hearts of people for a very long time.

How Pleasant Stay Came to Be

One of the first things he did on his return from his career abroad was to construct a large comfortable house for his family. In his work as a consultant for several multi-national companies in Chennai, he saw first-hand how his clients coming from foreign countries found it very tough to find accommodation that combined comfort and affordability. About 6 years back, in 2004, one of his German clients who had enough of staying in expensive hotels, requested George in sheer exasperation to let him stay in one of his spare rooms. That marked the beginning of Pleasant Stay. To refine it further and to learn more about this business, he personally visited the top 20 guest houses in Chennai. Then, putting to use his creativity and background as a mechanical engineer he transformed the top floor of his home into a very comfortable abode for his guests.

I know that this city of Chennai has and will have demand for many more guest houses that will offer people comfortable stay at affordable cost. George has the capacity for leadership, mind and heart for service, a passion for excellence and enthusiasm to achieve big things. I wish day would come when he would delight hundreds of guests in Chennai every day – in bigger and even better versions of Pleasant Stay.

Pleasant Stay Guest House is located at 4/18, St Patric Church Road, St Thomas Mount, St Thomas Mount, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016.

Contact person is George. Ph: 044 22346329 and 98411 23642. Visit for more information or to see more photos of Pleasant Stay.

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