Mint Street In Chennai

Who said great hoteMint Street Chennails alone serve the exotic dishes? Get down to the streets, walk on the crooked stretch of tattered roads and welcome home the great “ Street Foods”of Chennai. Two of my colleagues, who were transferred to Chennai recently from UP, were all praise for the Chaats on Mint Street as they finally found their stomachs blessed with North Indian food.

Mint Street is a bee hive;  always busy and people bustling around, transferring bulk goods on their back or on small tri-cycles which we later found out are whole-sale orders. This is the hive where age old eateries have emerged and still thrive, serving the best chaats in the whole of Chennai

Easy to Reach Mint Street Chennai

Reaching here is pretty much easy. For people who do not stay close to Parrys or Sowcarpet, just detrain at the FORT station and get into the Rickshaws or autos and get down at the Pookadai Police station.This is probably the oldest places in Chennai where one can still see houses which were built early in the 20th century. Did you know This  is said to be the longest street in the world stretching almost 4 Kms?

With the sun’s heat scorching my head, I needed to cool it off with a nice drink. We spotted the Kamal chaat house which  looked very humble with seating for probably six people, but what astounded us was the crowd outside, most of them ordering for the badam milk. The specialty of the milk in “Mint Street” is that you can hardly drink the actual milk, there is a great amount of nuts in it. And the taste – truly the best.  It would cost youRs.60 for a drink, but it is way too cheap for the awesome taste it brings along.

The next stop was of course the NOVELTY TEA HOUSE which is located in Mint Street near the Ekambareswarar temple .This place  is famous for many things but the one that we were advised to order was the Pudina Dosa. This is truly a heavenly tasting dosa, I must confess. I am not a dosa liker, but this was surprisingly awesome – for its taste.

In between my eating session, I however could not stop exploring the place for more hidden treasures and guess what – I did find them. I tried sneaking into the Perumal Mudali Street, a very small narrow street In Chennai with hardly any place to walk. Mint Street is a great wholesale market and people throng here to grab large quantities of bulk fancy articles. You can find lace shops, designer accessories, saris, bangles all in separate, exclusive  shops in                    ” Mint Street”. I, for one, got into an old shop called Oswald trading Company. They deal with all stones and designer beads at whole sale rates. They also sell for retail customers at the same price. A beautiful chain of stones cost Rs. 220 which would for sure cost around Rs.1000 in any store inside the city.

This place is truly magical. With the sun’s heat cooling off and slight drizzles of rain caressing us, we rushed to the Broadway bus depot for our return. I am not done with Mint Street, I doubt if I will ever be. This  place is must to explore, for all the street foods and bulk shoppers. Mint Street will be on my menu for another week, not just for its food, but for the famous Pookadai (flower shops) too. Have a great weekend.



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