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In these times when you are very busy – shuttling your kids to school, preparing food for your dear ones, shopping for your family, meeting your friends and finding a measure of balance in your life, often accomplishing all these while engaged in a full time work – you may often feel helpless.
And you may want to cry out for help. May be Service Square’s ‘house keeping services in Chennai’ is an option you can keep at the back of your head. And then you’ll be able to sit back and relax in your clean home and feel the exuberance of gratitude surging through you – for the good things of life.

This piece is about Service Square and the house keeping service in Chennai it has been providing for nearly 13 years. I must tell you upfront that I helped found Service Square way back in 2000 and I am going to write about a service that is almost its corner stone.

Service Square has its own teams of employees attired in uniforms – in smart navy colour pants and grey T-shirts, taking care of house keeping services in Chennai. Its most popular service is spring cleaning. Usually, three people are engaged the whole day to clean a house with 2 or 3 bed rooms. They are equipped with a good high powered vacuum cleaner, ladder, gloves, cleaning liquids, sponges etc. Here’s what they do when they clean your home.

1. Doors & windows cleaning.
2. Cleaning inside & outside lofts
3. Rack cleaning (inside & outside)
4. All fans & tube lights cleaning
5. Vacuuming, carpets, sofas, beds & furniture
6. Furniture vacuuming & dusting
7.Cleaning all doors, windows, grills, blinds & glass panes
8. Removing cobwebs
9. Dusting TV, DVD, Computers, Telephones & Music systems (Outside)
10.Cleaning Dining table & chairs.
11. Floor sweeping & moping of all rooms.
12. Exhaust fan oil stain cleaning
13. Cleaning of toilets floors / walls & floor tiles, mirrors
14. Removing of stains in the commode & wash basin
15. Cleaning Kitchen stone slabs.
16. Fridge & micro wave oven cleaning.
17. Dustbin clearing.

Service Square’s House Keeping services in Chennai also has customized packages for cleaning toilets, kitchen, tanks and sumps or any other parts of your home.

house keeping services in Chennai


House keeping services in Chennai for residences has been given a shot in the arm by the 13 year long services provided by Service Square. Its teams have a check-list of the specific places they should clean in every home. At the end of the cleaning, they get the written feedback of customers every time without exception, so that the company knows about the comfort factor of the customers regarding the quality of services provided.

“Excellent” or “you guys rock” or similar bouquets adorn most of the feedbacks they get . Customers are most often impressed by the very friendly disposition of the teams from Service Square, their willingness to go the extra-mile to satisfy customer demands and the quality of services they provide. Added to this, they have always been happy with the reliability of the teams because they are very honest. Customers always get a comfortable feeling to see the Service Square teams in their company uniforms.

One of our customers was so happy, he wrote about our services in his blog: Here is what he has written there under the caption, Service Square – Incredible Service:

We usually attend to our household activities on our own and for some reason, we had a do a deep level of cleaning at our house and approached Service Square (External Website). When we told them our requirements, we were told they will send their personnel by 1 pm. Usually, such service companies do not follow time lines (we still remember Agarwal Packers and movers:-() but to our surprise, at 12:45 pm we got a call asking for land marks. For some reason call got disconnected; we called back but call was rejected and we got a SMS saying “Sir I deaf… you SML reply only yes or now for your flat no 3″. I replied “Yes” and within ten minutes, we see a couple of young and energetic gentlemen knocked our door and shook hands with me. They straight away started the work and within two hours, they completed the work and we must say, we would never been able to clean our house in the way that those two men have done. Kudos to them. Before they ask us for payment, they handed us a sheet that has a set of questions about our satisfaction and comments. We we were quite happy with them.

We sincerely appreciate Service Square for providing with employment opportunities to people with disabilities. I have heard that they have employed about 10 people with hearing impairment and more in pipe line.

Good luck guys!”

And, in the rare cases when customers have not been happy with the quality of the work done, the Service Square house keeping teams have gone back again, no questions asked and free of cost to redo the work till customers are fully satisfied.

Service Square also employs people with hearing and speech impairment. In fact, they fill nearly half its team strength. They are absolutely wonderful people and they are very proud about being part of Service Square’s house keeping services in Chennai.

However, having seen the Service Square teams perform house keeping services in Chennai at close quarters I know they can do much better. For example, they need to spend more time to meet at least once a week so that they learn from every work, take time to listen to the constructive criticisms of customers and find new and better ways of doing things. There is a tendency to remain in their ‘comfort zones’ without scaling up.  Also, they need to focus a lot more on their grooming how they present themselves.

In my chat with Mathan Kumar who is the manager and the moving spirit behind Service Square ” House Keeping Services in Chennai,” I was told that he intends to introduce training sessions at least once every week. He says that he will translate his commitment to customers by using the best and the most effective cleaning materials available in the market. He also has the desire to invest in better equipments so that the services are better and faster. He sounds confident. He agrees that Service Square needs to improve a lot in the area of staying in touch with customers on a regular basis.

I can’t do justice to this article about house keeping services in Chennai without telling a thing or two about Mathan Kumar. He joined Service Square in 2001 and that makes it 12 years for him in the company. He joined as a regular house keeping supervisor and within no time showed his managerial skills and above all, his commitment. He did not allow lack of education to stunt his progress. He enrolled for classes, enhanced his knowledge and his confidence levels. He can now handle almost any situation or person with poise and confidence. And, I have rarely seen a person who is more honest. He has the energy and the attitude to stretch to the maximum extent possible for the sake of customers and the organization.

Mathan Kumar can be contacted at: 222-53-555  or 98840-11933 or mail him at:

Address: Service Square, 5, Balaji Nagar, 1st Main Road, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai-600032. Ph: 2225 3555. Web site:


  1. Ravi Sarangarajan says:

    Recently employed Service Square to clean & polish the mosaic and marble flooring of my house. I am very satisfied with their excellent meticulous service. The sincerity of the service men should be appreciated. Hassle free. The price is affordable. Better than other such service providers in many ways. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

    • Babu Vincent says:

      Thank you Sir, for your warm and kind words. You are giving us the encouragement and energy to do even better in what we do.
      -Babu Vincent

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