Bhanu and KG – Living the Grandest Version of Themselves

Bhanu’s mother used to say, when she was barely seven months old, she in her bubbly enthusiasm made attempts to stand up, much earlier than normal kids would. She had her immunisation vaccinations in Virudhachalam near Cuddalore, following which heavy fever gripped the child. The fever did not relent and despite bringing her to Chennai for medical attention, it was too little too late to save her from the harsh tentacles of polio. Part ignorance, part unaffordable medical treatment were probably why Bhanu had to deal with this unkind twist of fate.

Eight months old, Bhanu’s head hung lose and her entire body, neck down, was parallysed. A pronounced bent on her right leg was another sad development.

Then started the ordeal of trying to put the child back together again. In her native village, her grand father gave her regular mud baths and tried to breathe life back into the limp limbs again. By the age of six she had nine surgeries. Daily painful massages and treatment were the order of the day. She remembers the excruciating pain when she was in Bangalore for treatment for about 7 months with Mr.Jadav, an ex-military man who had no medical degree, but only the passion to help children affected with polio. What Bhanu remembers of her childhood is pain and more excruciating pain. She told me the joys from games and mingling with other children were not part of her childhood. Painful treatment continued till she was eighteen. Slowly but surely, she was able to move around with the help of calipers.

Bhanu’s climb in life through education

Bhanu was brought to Chennai for her education. Popular, privately run schools refused to give her admission. So, she got into a corporation school. She was an exceptionally bright student and remembers even now the nine prizes she got for excelling in various subjects when she was in class five. She was the favourite of her teachers and as for her, she just adored her teachers. She feels indebted to them for the encouragement they gave her throughout.

She completed B.Com from S.I.E.T College in Chennai and as her search for jobs proved futile, she started taking tuitions. Besides, for about four years she created a flourishing business selling sarees from her home. In addition to this, she learned stitching and made dresses. At one point she had close to 400 customers who came to her home for getting her products.

She was finally successful in finding a job as Business Analyst in Icon Clinical Research Centre.

Finding KG – Building Life  and Family, Together


When her father who was keen to get her settled in life talked to her about marriage, Bhanu was adamant that she would tie the knot only if she found someone who would accept her wholeheartedly, as she is, fully knowing the limitations imposed on her by her physical disability.

Bhanu and Venkatesh KG (known simply as KG) found each other on a matrimony site.  He was then a software engineer based out of Bangalore. He came down to Chennai along with his family to meet Bhanu. On meeting face to face, the chemistry between them jelled perfectly and Venkat was sanguine that she would be the woman with whom he would live the rest of his life.

According to Bhanu, God’s blessing to both of them is Vaishnavi, who is their seven year old daughter. From what I could make out when I was at their own house to meet them is that their home is a hub for children in the nearby flats.

Breaking new ground in baby steps as an entrepreneur

Bhanu’s career had a break when Vaishnavi came into her life. Now that the child is capable of fending for herself to some extent, Bhanu is ready to reach out to the world to make an impact. Her company, Shree Sai Consultancy offers the following services:

Academic Development
Resume Development
Career Development
& Professional Development

She believes she has it in her to be a good coach and trainer and she is working towards that too. I gathered from the discussion I had with her that  whatever she takes up, would be done with class, enthusiastically.

One endearing aspect of Bhanu is that she goes out of her way to help people. She has a heart that forgives and looks ahead. People turn to her for her organizing skills.


KG – In Search of Challenges

As I was winding down my conversation with Bhanu, in walked KG after his day at the office. As he opened up I wasn’t too sure who I should give prominence to, when I write.

KG reminds me of someone who is constantly stretching to be the grandest version of his greatest vision. He is not satisfied with doing ordinary, comfortable jobs. He embraces challenges after challenges to be at the frontiers of his career and life. He works very hard, most of the days till 1 am in the early morning. In many ways, he is married to his work too. His aim is to reach the pinnacles in his career. He is already an Associate General Manager at HCL. He exudes the confidence that he is on his way to achieving his goals in life.


His passion is creating the right processes for his clients, providing them enhanced support through clever fine- tuning. He knows his limitations too, for example, with regard to his rapport building abilities. So, he goes for training programmes to hone those skills. He looks inward and often and asks himself – “What else? “

Like in all marriages, they too face challenges. But the lives they have gone through give them both the strength and wisdom to heal and build. I could see both of them engage in honest, open conversation without wearing masks.

Meeting people like Bhanu and KG only reinforces the fact that limitations that obstruct the blossoming of the life I desire are creations of my mind.

Bhanu can be contacted at
Her mobile number is, 99625 17517

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