A Fulsome Testimonial about Service Square Living its Values

Customer delight

Here is a feedback received from Mr.Ashish Bahl who is an N.R.I living in the US. He discovered us through our web site a little over three months ago. That started our relationship which got cemented during the two months we executed the various renovation works in his house located in Thoraipakkam. Given below is […]

Not Just Food by the Bay (146)


Underrated is the word that best describes Bay 146. This resto lounge is what so many properties in the same space promise to be but decidedly aren’t. It is one of those rare places that manage to strike a fine balance between being a full-fledged (and pretty well-stocked) bar and a darned nice place to […]

Ramesh Prasad and Onefluencer – An NLP Trainer’s Quest for Excellence


Ramesh is the founder of Onefluencer, a training organization dedicated to facilitating leaders in their journey towards becoming powerful change agents using the versatile tools available in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Kiruba Shankar – Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Farmer


Kiruba has run two marathons and has cycled more than 1000 km all over Tamilnadu at one stretch. Judging from where he has dipped his hand into and has accomplished so far, he has kept a hot pace in pursuing his passions. This post delves into his passions….

Not a Novel’tea’, but a Novelty!

Novelty Tea House01

The branch we went to was the new one, located on RK Salai. The brand, however, has been around since 1958, as the menu card kindly informed us (the main branch is in Parrys Corner).