After Nearly Twelve Years, Bidding Adieu to CTW…. Finally.

CTW Masthead

When we sent out the weekly bulletin CTW (Chennai This Week) of February 10, 2012, announcing it would be the last, we should have really meant it. Instead, we were moved by about twenty supportive and considerate readers who said it was the best compilation of weekend events in the city and they were feeling […]

Service Square – Service with a Heart

Service with a heart 0

I am a big fan of Mission and Vision statements, company values, tag lines and USP’s. If these are not thrust upon but evolved through a participative process among the employees, they assume a vibrant potency. They define an organisation and endow it with certain character and culture.

What is at the Core of Business

Washing Machine

Last week, my washing machine stopped working. Through Just Dial  I called a servicing company from Adyar. Two staff from the office were prompt in coming. They were even prompter in diagnosing that the problem was with the panel board and it had to be either repaired or replaced with a new one, so it […]

Running a Marathon and Running a Business


The effort I put into training for a marathon is not just for knowing how much I can stretch to find new borders, physically. It is more about finding the resolve needed from my core to scale new heights in all aspects of my life, particularly my business. There is an all pervasive feeling that success in my business means everything at this point of time.

Bhanu and KG – Living the Grandest Version of Themselves


Meeting people like Bhanu and KG only reinforces the feeling that disabilities that obstruct the creation of the life we desire exist only in our minds. Here are two people who do not believe in limits imposed by physical conditions.