Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail – In Rhythm with the Soul of the Earth


Getting to know Dr.Ismail It was Aravind Bharathi who suggested the name of Dr.Ismail to feature in this blog. He said he can think of many eminent people but Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail is the one I should really write about. There was respect and admiration in Aravind’s voice as he spoke about his professor of […]

Learning about Processes from a Speedpost Delivery


We were expecting an important document through speed post on April 29. When we tracked it on the Indian Post website in the morning, we got the information we were looking for. This is what I found in the Indian Post’s website. Detailed Track Events For ET306052945IN  Date Time Office Event 29/04/2015 00:30:00 BNPL SP […]

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and Being a Remarkable Organisation


About two weeks back, we invested a little more than Rs.15,000 into an advertisement in the Down Town supplement of The Hindu. During the days following the advertisement, there was just one response, that too, for a small job. Last Saturday, on the eve of Easter, while enjoying a drink at my nephew’s house in […]

The Power of One and the Power of Oneness


As I lie awake on bed this morning, yesterday’s unresolved fears drone inside as a disturbing presence. I make the uneasiness my bedfellow for sometime. Then, I am at the computer table, mindful that it is high time I wrote here. Lola wakes up, climbers down her bed and with slow, halting steps approaches me. […]

After Nearly Twelve Years, Bidding Adieu to CTW…. Finally.

CTW Masthead

When we sent out the weekly bulletin CTW (Chennai This Week) of February 10, 2012, announcing it would be the last, we should have really meant it. Instead, we were moved by about twenty supportive and considerate readers who said it was the best compilation of weekend events in the city and they were feeling […]