This blog celebrates excellence in services. And aims to celebrate the lives of individuals who make a difference in the lives of people in Chennai.

Services make a difference when they stand out for their quality and value. And when the people behind them create lasting contributions. This site – Servicesinchennai.com – will feature such people who through their passion create services that make life easier and better for Chennai-ites.

We will interview entrepreneurs behind such enterprises to get an in-depth understanding of the services and the driving force behind the enterprise.

There is no monetary consideration while choosing to write about any company and its owner. Excellence as a way of life will be the only criterion. All the posts here spring from genuine intentions.

Credit for staying the course and writing about great enterprises and entrepreneurs is the pay-off Service Square gets.

This is how we go about doing it.

• Once we come to know of an enterprise and the entrepreneur behind it, we make a study of the service, in great detail.

• Speak to the individuals behind these services to understand how the services mirror their personal values relating to quality and customer care.

• Check out the proof of the pudding from those who have used the services.

• Communicate our understanding as fairly and objectively as possible.

In the process benefits accrue for all stake holders.

• People living in Chennai become aware of people offering excellence in their services.

• Great providers of services in Chennai get the recognition they need and deserve.

• For us it is celebration time for making this happen.

Servicesinchennai.com will not be used for promoting the business of Service Square – unless it qualifies for mention here through merit. We realize, any bias in our favor can stunt the growth of this beautiful idea. The fact, however is, we are very good. So, you may find us featured when we deserve to be.

The help we need help from our readers…….

1. Kindly offer your comments and feedback. Feedback about services described here will validate what we write here. Yet, despite our best efforts and the processes in place, we do not claim infallibility in our assessments. We promise to take corrective steps if our assessment about any service provider is proved wrong.

2. Suggest the names of particular service providers in Chennai – in any field – if you think they stand out for their quality and customer service. We will make it a point to contact them and write about them if they pass muster.

3. Do tell us what else we need to do so that servicesinchennai.com stays on course and is always relevant to your needs.

Finally, Services in Chennai will be about acts of positive creations. So, we will drum up support with enthusiasm for those who espouse excellence in their services. Therefore, even finding faults will be done constructively, in a positive way. We tend to go overboard with praise. Which is not a bad thing, perhaps.

The Food Reviews by Nina Simon are featured here because they provide a healthy distraction. They are beautifully written by someone passionate about writing and food. Here again, there is a celebration of excellence – in the writing, food and service.

The other posts here are mostly contributed by Babu Vincent, the Managing Director of Service Square, a company which was founded in the year 2000.

He has a personal blog, Soulfulgrowing.com.


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