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trovinHow to celebrate Deepavali if you are in the city, away from family? It was decided that all the stranded souls would gather at my apartment for a bit of brunch, munch, late lunch and chipper chatter. It was all smooth till I turned on the music. One asked what song it was, even though it’s the rage now. Priya wanted ear plugs. Another threatened to throw either me or the speakers out. The verdict – my speakers needed to be replaced.

That’s how we ended up at Power Electronics after Deepavali. They manufacture audio equipment under the brand name “Torvin“. I had been told to buy satellite speakers. I was taken in by a small one that fit into my palm! But we decided to have a look at all the products first.

While working in a well-known company, Mr M J Thankachan, the brain behind Torvin, found a lacuna in servicing facilities for audio equipment. He started Power Electronics in 1980 to fill that lacuna. Soon word spread and clients brought well—known international brands such as Krell, Kenwood, Yamaha, Nakamichi, McIntosh, etc. to be serviced. The creative mind in the tech-wizard thought up speakers and amplifiers of international quality and Torvin was born.

Just to see what grated everyone’s ears the previous evening, I asked them to play my CD. I couldn’t believe my ears when the same song sounded so rich and clear through the Torvin speakers. We learnt that a lot of R&D goes into the technical design. Not only are the speakers technically excellent, in visual textures of rosewood, walnut, mahogany, padak, etc. in glossy and semi-glossy finishes, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Though I couldn’t understand the technical stuff, we learnt that most of the specifications are unique to “Torvin“.

The type of speakers is also varied. Millenium and Majestic tower speakers, Concert PA speaker and ECS and Celesta bookshelf speakers have been popular with audiophiles for their ability to reproduce the original sounds. Palmfire and Elder 1 amplifiers and Micromate and Millenium home theatres have had excellent reviews.

Torvin’s Installation speakers include ceiling channel speakers. Their garden speakers, the rock speaker in particular are endearing. They are designed to merge with the other garden elements.

The price of the products ranges from a few thousands to a lakh of rupees, depending upon the specifications and finish. Any product can be custom-designed.

Besides the above, Torvin brand encompasses subwoofers, communication systems and accessories. That “Torvin” products are being exported to independent customers in France, Italy and Australia speak for their incomparable, world-class high fidelity. Thankachan is the only Indian independent manufacturer to make completely indigenous, high end audio equipment. He has been honoured with numerous awards for his contribution to the field.

Torvin– India:
Power Electronics & Technologies, 4, Seeyaliamman Koil Street, Behind P.Orr & Sons, Mount Road, Chennai – 600 002
Phone: 044 2858 7256

Text: jennifer.js.sam@gmail.com

/ 044 2841 4304 , E-mail: audio@torvin.com


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