Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail – In Rhythm with the Soul of the Earth


Getting to know Dr.Ismail It was Aravind Bharathi who suggested the name of Dr.Ismail to feature in this blog. He said he can think of many eminent people but Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail is the one I should really write about. There was respect and admiration in Aravind’s voice as he spoke about his professor of […]

Bhanu and KG – Living the Grandest Version of Themselves


Meeting people like Bhanu and KG only reinforces the feeling that disabilities that obstruct the creation of the life we desire exist only in our minds. Here are two people who do not believe in limits imposed by physical conditions.

Ramesh Prasad and Onefluencer – An NLP Trainer’s Quest for Excellence


Ramesh is the founder of Onefluencer, a training organization dedicated to facilitating leaders in their journey towards becoming powerful change agents using the versatile tools available in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Kiruba Shankar – Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Farmer


Kiruba has run two marathons and has cycled more than 1000 km all over Tamilnadu at one stretch. Judging from where he has dipped his hand into and has accomplished so far, he has kept a hot pace in pursuing his passions. This post delves into his passions….

Chennai Runners and Ram Viswanathan’s 49 Marathons


Ram Viswanathan is a mentor to many in his professional and personal life. He has run 49 marathons in many countries and has run 5 Majors Marathon out of the 6 Majors. He works at IBM and was awarded ‘ Distinguished Engineer’ which is highly prestigious.

Arul Subramaniam – Living His Dream at Brainobrain


Arul Subramaniam is Director, Training, at Brainobrain. This organization, which was founded in 2003 by three brothers – Anand, Arul and Ashok – now has its presence in 22 countries. The number of franchisees has mushroomed to 725.

Shaju John’s Bliss and Pain – Seen through his Camera Lens

shaju sml

Shaju John’s photos are like paintings, capturing the soul of a face or the glory of a sunset or the pale grayness of a sky laden with clouds. There is life in what he captures, they pulsate with an energy I have rarely encountered in photos. There is a story almost all his frames are bursting out to tell.

J Sampath – Taking J B Soft to Extraordinary Heights


I have often wondered what it is that propels some people from very ordinary circumstances to extraordinary heights. J Sampath’s J.B Soft has grown phenomenally from the time he set up his business in 2001 with one staff. He now has 42 employees taking care of 1800 clients in India and abroad, from his two […]

Pleasant Stay – A Guest House in Chennai that Stands Out


Among the items you get right on top when you Google search for Guest Houses in Chennai, is Pleasant Stay in St.Thomas Mount.

Service Square offers House Keeping Services in Chennai

Cleaning fan

Reliable House Keeping Services in Chennai – that is what almost every household here wish they had. Outfits like Service Square’s House Keeping Services in Chennai exist to remind people living here that there is a solution to their problem.